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When you create your first collection, you'll be prompted to upload your assets. Once the upload is complete, you'll have access to the generator tools.

The Bueno collection dashboard has four tabs - Preview, Manage, Settings and Launch.


In this video, Pablo will walk you through the preview tab in Bueno. Continue to Session 4: Using Advanced Settings to learn about the collection settings page.

The preview tab is where (as the name suggests!) you can preview your collection. Any time you apply a change to your collection, you'll need to regenerate your token preview to see those changes applied.

The preview defaults to gallery view, indicated by the grid icon in the upper right. You can easily navigate your token preview by selecting attribute names in the filters menu on the left. In the top center, Bueno has a search function that allows you to order your tokens by token number, rarity score and average rarity.

The share button provides shortcuts to publish and share your collection page, grab your mint widget embed, and share a preview link so guests can view your collection preview.

When you select a token, a pop-up will appear listing the name of the collection, the name of the token, and the token's properties separated by component group. From here, you can also download a sample token, create a new rule, and save as a custom token.

You can refresh your tokens or update your token count at any time from the box in the top left.

In addition to the token preview, the preview page also allows you to preview your metadata. To switch to the metadata view, select the Metadata button located in the bottom center of the page.

The metadata view includes thumbnails of the attributes, their names, their quantities and their percentages. The metadata view also provides an easy search function at the top.


The manage tab will be where you will do most of your collection curation. From here, you can access trait and attribute rarity distribution, templates, custom tokens, tags and rules. You'll learn more about curating your collection later in this tutorial.


In this video, Pablo will walk you through Bueno's collection settings. Continue to Session 5: Setting Rarity to learn about setting rarity for your collection.

The settings tab lets you control the settings of the different elements of your collection.

Let's walk through each tab!


Control your collection's general settings including collection name, token count and exchange symbol. You can also remove or replace your collection cover image.

Artwork Settings

Dictate artwork resolution, enable pixel art style and select export format. If you've uploaded animation frames, this is also where you can set your tokens' frames per second.

If the artwork output format is not selected, the files will follow Bueno's default format settings. PNG input defaults to PNG output, SVG defaults to SVG, GIF defaults to GIF and JPEG defaults to PNG. If you create animated tokens by uploading frames into Bueno, they will export as GIFs, regardless of starting format. Currently, Bueno's max resolution size is 2400x2400px. You can upload any size into the generator, but Bueno can only export the tokens up to 2400px. If you need the size boosted, please reach out to support.

Metadata Settings

Set your metadata format, your token name and token description. A preview of your metadata is located on the right. You can also set your custom IPFS gateway and external URL, but these fields are not required to launch your smart contract with Bueno.

Bueno currently supports Ethereum and Solana formats for metadata.


Here, you can set royalty percentages and direct which wallets will receive royalty payments. Royalties refer to the secondary sales of the tokens after they've been minted on the blockchain. You'll need to fill out your commission information here only if you plan to deploy outside of Bueno.

If you are deploying your contract with Bueno, you will fill out that information when you build your contract, and you can skip this section entirely.

Royalties for tokens sold on Opensea must be set directly in the collection settings in Opensea.


Navigate to the Launch tab to generate your collection images and metadata. You can do one last preview before getting started.

Bueno will guide you through every step in the process, so you can double-check for any mistakes before you pay to generate.

Once you've generated your collection, you can upload to IPFS with Bueno's Piñata or NFT.Storage integrations, or go straight into the Bueno Smart Contract Deployer!

If you generate multiple token sets with a collection, you'll be able to view and manage them from the Tokensets page under the Launch tab.

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