Project Dashboard

Your project dashboard houses your collections, forms, drops, and Buenoverse rooms. When you first sign in to Bueno, a demo project will be automatically created for you. To create a new project, select New Project on the left side of the Bueno dashboard.

You can create a new collection inside your project at any time by navigating to the top right, clicking Create and selecting Generative Collection.

From the project dashboard, you can favorite, archive or duplicate any of your collections within the project. You can also move the collection to another project in your Bueno dashboard.

Duplication is useful if you want to experiment with your collection while preserving your previous progress.

Project Settings

To edit project settings, navigate to the cog icon next to your project name in the left side of the project dashboard.


From general settings, you can edit the name of your project and set a project thumbnail for easy navigation.

Here, you will also be able to customize your project url. Keep in mind that you will need to verify your project before you can set a custom url.


From team settings, project owners can add members to the project. Members can do everything the primary project owner can. Simply add a member's wallet address, and they will have access to the project when they log in to Bueno.

Upgrade to the Bueno Premium or Deluxe Plan to add member seats to your project.


To verify your project, connect at least one social proof to your project. Bueno currently has options for Twitter and Discord. This step is optional, but highly recommended.

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