Components let builders save and recycle elements within a room. When an element is saved as a component, you can easily duplicate that element while maintaining its assigned properties - including hitboxes, z-indexes and interactions.

Creating and Using Components

To turn an element into a component, select the element and click Create Component. Once an element is converted to a component, its selection box will turn from blue to purple for easy identification.

If your element has any interactions applied, those will automatically apply to your component settings.

One your component is created, you can use it across your room. You can view, add and edit all your room's components by navigating to Asset Manager > Components.

You can access component from other rooms in your world by typing in that room's slug in the Room field.

You can grab a component you created from the asset manager and place it in a room, or duplicate it by holding Option+Drag (MacOS) / Alt+Drag (PC).

To unlink a component and make it a regular element again, you can select Detach from the tool bar or quick edit menu on the right.

Edit components

Once an element is a component, new interactions and properties can be edited from the component editor menu. To edit a single component, select your element and navigate to Edit Component.

This will bring up the Edit Component menu, isolating your component for more precise editing.

In this menu, you can add or remove additional interactions, as well as edit the hitbox/z-index and other properties.

Any changes to the component will automatically apply to all existing instances of that component. Give your new components detailed names if you plan to make variations with the same element!

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