For a more detailed overview of interactions, check out our in-depth interactions guide.

Every element can have interactions added to it. Interactions are anything that a player can do when they approach the element. This ranges from something like setting off a confetti cannon, to portaling to another room, to minting an NFT.

Each interaction is covered in more depth in the Interactions section of the tutorial doc.

Adding an Interaction

To add an interaction, select an element and go to the interactions menu, marked by a lightning icon.

Once the interaction is added, you will see little magic dots floating up from the element. This is the indicator that the element has an interaction! As a builder in build mode, you will also see an icon that indicates the applied interaction.

Magic dots are added to interactions by default, but they can be disabled in interaction settings.

Interaction Zone

Once there is an interaction on an element, you can then edit the interaction zones. This sets the area where a player can use the interaction.

You can add an interaction zones can be added anywhere - they don't need to be associated with an object!

In the example below, there is an interaction set around the base of the piñata. Here, you can see the player is overlapped with the interaction zone, so they see the prompt to interact with the element. Confetti time!

You can add multiple interactions to one object, but do so with care — you do not want to confuse the player by prompting them with too many things to do. It is up to you as the builder to create experiences that make sense!

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