With paths, builders can make elements move around the room. The elements can have z-index, hitboxes, interactions and animations. These will all move along the path with the element.

Create a Path

To add a path go to Build menu > Elements > Path.

Builders can drag the path-points to any position:

  • To add a new path-branch, hover over it and click the + icon.

  • To add a point in between existing points, hold CMD or CTRL, and click on the line.

Add Elements to Path

To make an element follow the path, just drag and drop it on to one of the points. The path-point will turn green. Multiple elements can be on the same path.

There’s a few settings builders can edit:

  • The speed at which the elements move.

  • The direction the elements should move in (left, right and both).

In the example below, we've placed a guard on a patrol path, moving in a single direction around our treasure-topped tower.

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