An easier way to distribute items...or damage players

Thrower is an ability that let's you make an Object throw another Object. It is a very neat way of either handing out a specific item fast or creating a turret that shoots at players.

In order to give the Thrower ability we go to Object Menu -> Interactions -> Abilities -> Thrower

In the thrower menu, you can choose which item will be thrown by clicking the pencil icon. Once clicked you will see a small window with the throwable collectibles in it. In order to set a throwable collectible you can check our guide here.

You can set the interval time between the throws. In order to randomize a bit you have the option to set a minimum and maximum interval between the throws. For example if you set minimum interval to 1 and maximum interval to 10, the object will be thrown randomly between 1 to 10 seconds. If you want a steady throw time, just enter the same amount in both minimum and maximum.

Once everything is set the, Thrower object will throw the throwable object to the players who enters it's interaction zone.

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