Items and Rewards

Besides permissions, you can also create interactions between your players and your NPCs with item exchanges or rewards for a job well done.

In the dialogue flow chart, click on Message and chose whether you'd like the player to give an item, recieve an item, have the item checked, or be given an XP reward.

After selecting Check or Take item, A dialogue box appears with an empty space to add or change the component, Clicking the pencil icon allows you to choose a component from a list of components available in the room selected. The dialogue then splits into two options: successful verification or unsuccessful. You can then expand the dialogue tree in both cases. Take item will have the NPC remove the item/s from your inventory, you can adjust how many under quantity.

Having an NPC give you an item is simpler, simply click the pencil select the component and quantity, and continue your dialogue!

You'll need to have created the item in your world as a component in order to give, exchange, or receive in a dialogue.

Try having your NPCs give XP or an item for completing certain quests. The best part of quests are the rewards!

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