The dialog interaction tool lets you create non-playable characters (NPCs), breathing life into your world!

It is very easy to do; first, click on an object in build mode and choose Interactions > Abilities > Dialogue.

This will open the dialogue builder menu where you can design the interaction. The dialogue is set up as a decision-making tree, where each step is configurable.

You can have the player answer questions, check for trait-gated permissions, and many other different options.

Each block is a different dialogue choice which can be edited in its respective text field. If you want to have more dialogue options, click on the + sign each block originates from.

Each block can be set to either continue to the next block, restart the whole conversation, or end the conversation. You can set this with the drop-down menu pictured below:

If the block is set to go to the next block, you then can configure what the block should do.

At each step, the NPC character can also send emotes or change dialog box graphics to feel a bit more immersive. Try creating different versions of your NPC in various facial expressions to reflect the dialog!

There are many options besides just a scripted message!

You can do things like create prompts for an AI generated response, have the NPC check for tokens or items before moving to the next block, give items or XP, collect an item and give HTTP requests.

We'll go through the many dialogue options and explain how they work.

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