Builders can add music to a room, or stream music from one room to another. This feature is mostly used to organize musical events in the Buenoverse or to add background music/effects to a room.

To add a track, create an interaction zone on an object, or just a global one, and go to Interaction menu / Effects / Music

After assigning the music interaction to the zone, the music menu appears in the object menu.

The menu shows a few unique options

  • Add tracks Add a new track to the playlist

  • Remove tracks Remove tracks from the playlist

  • Connect sprites (Feature flag?) Let sprites animate with the frequency of the music

  • Broadcast to another room (Feature flag?) Stream the same playlist to another Buenoverse room.

  • Show music title When players move over the zone, they can see the tracks title.

Add tracks

In the ‘Add track’ screen, builders can upload individual tracks and album art. Both fields are required. Every track will be saved in the playlist.

Play tracks

To play tracks, move the playable character over the interaction zone and click the blue pill button in the bottom of the screen.

After clicking, the playlist screen opens. Players can pick a track here, put it on repeat or shuffle.

It’s recommended to gate this interaction to a specific group of users, like builders. This prevents visitors from turning the music on and off.

Connect sprites

Builders can connect sprites to the music that is playing, it animates the sprite to the frequency of the music. Read more about how to create sprites.

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