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In the following section, we'll go through every interaction option available. It's a good way to get a grasp on how interactions work in the Buenoverse.

Keep reading to learn all about interactions, or dive right in with the tutorial videos below:

Practical Example: Confetti Cannon

We'll take a simple confetti effect as an example. These settings can also be applied to abilities interactions, portals, external links or other effect interactions.

It's also possible to have multiple interactions on the same object. For example: a confetti interaction combined with a dialogue interaction.

Here's the topics we'll cover in this walkthrough:

  • Adding an interaction

  • Editing the interaction zone

  • Editing permissions of the interaction

  • Adding XP rewards to the interaction

  • Adding sound effects to the interaction

  • Removing the interaction

Adding an interaction

The confetti effect can be used to celebrate, party, and is used by tapping the letter E.

To add this effect, first select an asset. Then, go to Interactions⚡️> Effects🪄> Confetti🎉

The effects menu under interactions.

Once the builder has applied the effect, a magic wand icon🪄 will appear over the asset. Additionally, a new menu, highlighted in blue, will show options available for the confetti interaction.

Confetti effect applied to an object element.
Edit effect pop-up menu.

Editing the interaction zone

Now that the interaction is applied, players can interact with the asset by getting close to the object. The interaction zone can be adjusted to fit a certain shape or span a larger area, so that the interaction can be easily to detect by the players.

The interaction zone works similarly to a hitbox. It can be adjusted manually by dragging the points, or adding points by clicking on a line.

Adjusting the interaction zone.

Once the interaction zone has been adjusted, whenever a player is in range, an instruction message is shown that explains how to interact with the object. In this case, the player will interact with the asset by tapping the blue button or pressing E.

Player instructions to interact with the confetti effect.

Setting permissions

Builders will be able to configure the permissions on interactions. This is used to allow or block access to:

  • A single player

  • A group of players

  • A player with item X

  • A player with X amount of XP

  • A player with X level

Builders can add a message to instruct players how to get the required permissions.

Permission options, including a message for players that don't have access.

Adding XP

Builders can add and adjust the amount of gained experience points when a player uses the interaction, as well as how often the player will be able to gain this experience.

Experience points options for players.

Adding sound effects

Builders can add or edit the sound effect of the interaction by going to Confetti > Sounds. In this screen, builders can:

  • Play the current sound effects.

  • Add custom sounds.

  • Turn sounds on and off.

Sound options for the confetti effect interaction.

Remove the interaction

To remove the interaction completely, go to Confetti > Remove.

When removing an interaction, every changed option associated with it will also be lost.

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