Portals are main mechanic for moving through your world.

Same-Room Portals

To set up a same-room portal, begin with a portal spawn point. This spawn point will be the place where characters will appear in the world after they have used the portal.

We've named this new spawn point "portal," so we can easily find it from our spawn point options.

If you are not familiar with Spawn Points, visit the Spawn Point section to learn how to create them.

Next, find an object you'd like to turn into a portal. The avatar is standing next to our portal object on the left, and we've also placed a portal object to the right, underneath the portal spawn point.

Select the portal object, and navigate to Portal from the interactions tool bar.

This will bring up the portal options menu. From here, you can select your portal destination spawn point.

You can also use this menu to select other portal options including portal indicator animation, instant activation, permissions, XP options and sound effects.

We have selected the "portal" spawn point, and set the portal to be "instant". Instant portals just mean that the player wont be prompted to enter the portal, it will happen right when they run into it. Let's test it out! ๐Ÿงช

Just like magic! ๐Ÿช„ But, it's not quite complete. To create a two way portal, simply create a second portal spawn point and follow the same steps for the right side portal object.

Portals to Other Rooms

You can also create portals between different rooms in your world, or to another world entirely. All you need is a room URL slug, and you're ready!

For this example, we will create a treehouse using two demo rooms:



Once the starter and destination rooms are ready, you'll first want to create a spawn point in your destination room. In this example, we've named the destination spawn point "treehouse."

Next, we will select an object to turn into a portal in our starter room. For access to the treehouse, we've set up a convenient ladder.

To the spawn point located in the destination room, you'll want to enter the URL slug of that room.

Since our destination URL is:


The URL slug will be:


Once you've entered in the destination room's slug, you can select from all available spawn points. For us, that is "treehouse."

Once the portal is linked, we're ready to go!

Note: You can only make portals in rooms where you have builder permissions. This means if you make a portal to a world/room you cannot build in, you will not be able to make a two-way portal.

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