We all need a little help sometimes!

You can assign your world or room moderator players to help with player management.

When an address is added to the moderator group, that moderator will be able to select player avatars and select from the two moderation options - jail or ban.

All players on the builder list also have access to moderation tools.

Send to Jail will kick the player out of the room and send them to[your world]/jail. Once sent to jail, the player will have to reconnect to the room to in order to join again.

You can fully customize your world's jail room just like any other room.

Ban is an indefinite ban. The player will not be able to connect to the room until they are removed from the ban list.

Builders can remove players from the ban list by selecting Settings > Permission Groups > Bans and selecting the trash can icon to the right of the address.

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