Player Options

This is an overview of the options available for players, or any higher permissions role, that are connected to Buenoverse. It covers:

  • Address book

  • Player activity menus

  • Player inventory

  • Graphics

Address Book

The address book comes in handy for builders and mods that have to manage permissions often. Anyone connected to the Buenoverse, can add to or edit the address book.

To access it, click the player menu in the top right and pick ‘Address Book’.

From this screen, players can add, delete and edit addresses.

Access the address book
Edit the address book

Player activity menu

With the player activity menu, anyone connected to the Buenoverse can view:

  • who is online in the current room

  • who of you friends is online in any room or world

  • who is online in the current world

To add a wallet address to your friends list, edit your address book.

Friends list

Wallets added to the address book also show up in the ‘Player activity’ menu, next to the room menu, under the 'Friends' tab.

Player inventory

Inventory Menu

Builders and Users will be able to preview their PFP’s, Items and Stats in the Inventory Menu.

To access this menu, the user can click on the small thumbnail, on the left side of the “Add Message” Button on the Bottom Center of the Screen.

Player Preview

Player Preview allows the user to see all of the NFT’s that are registered inside of the wallet, so that they can choose the avatar that will show inside the world.

Player Favorites List

The user will be able to organize all of these NFTs, by clicking the Star Icon under the preview image. This will categorize the chosen NFTs as Favorites.

Player overview with some favorites NFTs

Inventory Items overview

In the Items tab, the user will be able to preview all of the existing Items that they have collected throughout their journey.

By clicking on these items, there will be a brief description of the object, to remind the player of how they obtained them.

In some cases, the item can instruct the Player to do something with this object. There are regular items, that cannot be equipped. As well as items, categorized as Throwables and Wearables, that are enabled to be Equipped.

Inventory items overview

Equip a Wearable Item

Equip an item by clicking on it, this will show a menu in which the user can choose to “Destroy” the object, or “Equip”. Wearable items, are assets that the player can select and add to their PFP. These items will appear and can be adjusted manually in the Preview Screen. To unequip an item, hover over it and press 'Unequip'. Destroying an object will remove it from the player’s inventory.

Equip an item
Place an item on the PFP
Equiped example

Equip a Throwable Item

A Throwable Items is used as projectile by the player. These Items can be used to play shooting games inside of Buenoverse. THey are equiped in the same manner as a wearable item.

These Items have special properties that enable a shooting mechanism by pressing the letter “Q”, once it has been equipped. This function let’s the player shoot the item by locating the target with the cursor, and using the left click to shoot the projectile.

A player with an equiped throwable item.


The Stats Menu allows the player to view his Level of Experience, as well as the amount of Experience Points that are required to level up. These can be improved as the player collects items, and completes missions throughout the world.

XP and level up stats overview


There’s a simple graphics option available to increase performance on slower computers.

Players can edit the amount of players shown on their screen. The lower the player amount, the better the performance.

Edit the graphics settings

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