Token Gating

Token gating is one of the core features that makes the Buenoverse a Web3 platform.

At every level, you can control exactly who has access to anything based on the NFTs in their wallet. You can add this at the room level, allowing certain NFTs to join a room, or at an interaction level, allowing certain NFTs to have special abilities.

Or you can get even more detailed by allowing an NPC to tell only certain NFT holders some special alpha, or allow them to mint a unique item.

You can use token gating to set up quests for your community members, allowing them to unlock certain things along the way and build a whole universe and lore based on collecting and trading NFTs.

How to Token Gate

Anywhere you see a Permissions menu item will let you token gate that thing.

Once you click Permissions it will prompt you to set up how you want the permissions to work:

From this dialog you can set the permissions to be either "Allow only" or "Block access".

"Allow only" means that anyone in the group will have access to whatever you are assigning the permissions to, and "Block access" means you are blocking the group from the action.

You can select entire NFTs or individual players to token-gate. For example, in the following settings, this will allow anyone with a goblintown NFT, a Scallywags NFT, or Pablo Stanley to enter the portal:

Permission Groups

There is a handy feature for managing permissions called Permission Groups.

If you create a Permission Group, you have a single place to edit who has access to certain permissions. That way, if you want to give a player or an NFT contract access to a whole bunch of different things, you can do it in just one spot.

To set up a permission group, create a new one from the menu. Give it a name, and add the members you would like to add.

In this example we are naming it "All Access" and have added Scallywags, jaboto, and Robopets.

Once the permission group is set up, you can use it when token gating any interaction:

In that example, we added "All Access" to a portal. This gives the members of the permission group access to this portal.

Imagine if we added this permission to 42 portals around the room. What if we wanted to airdrop a special NFT to a group of people and promise them access to all 42 portals? Since it is set up with a group all we need to do is add the new airdropped NFT address to the group and they will immediately have access to the portals.

Permission groups are a very handy and powerful way of managing token-gated access to interactions and functionality all across your rooms.

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