XP and Level Up

Global XP levels

Builders can change the amount of XP required for players to advance to the next level. This is done on globally that changes the level up settings for every room within a world.

Edit experience levels
Experience levels menu

Add XP to interactions

Like sounds, XP can be added to almost any interaction. To add XP to an interaction, open the objects interaction menu (highlighted in blue) and click ‘Experience’. This opens the experience screen.

Add to or edit XP of an interaction

The XP screen has a few options:

  • Gain points How much XP should be given when a player starts the interaction.

  • How often? The player gets the XP only once, periodically or always.

Add XP to a dialogue

Builders can also add XP to a dialogue branche. When a player advances in the dialogue, they can get XP rewards in the process. A builder simply adds a ‘Give XP’ block inbetween the dialogue. The settings there, are the same as for a regular XP add.

Here’s an example of how to add XP in a dialogue branche.

Add XP inside a dialogue branche


XP levels are kept up by a leaderboard. Here any player can view the top 10 players of a world.

Leaderboard example

XP and Level up stats

Players can view their individually gained XP and XP level in the ‘Stats section’ of the ‘Pick player’ screen.

Player stats screen

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