Preparing Your Assets

In this section, we will show you how to prepare your assets using Photoshop and Figma.

In this video, Pablo will walk through how to prepare your assets for Bueno. Continue to Session 2: Importing Your Artwork to learn how to upload and manage your artwork assets.

Before you upload your assets into Bueno, you need to prepare them first. Bueno currently supports PNG, GIF, JPEG and SVG files.

Bueno organizes your assets into trait layers based on your folder hierarchy. An example is pictured below.

You must follow this hierarchy otherwise Bueno will fail to upload your assets, but don't worry! We have some tools to help you easily organize your assets so you can quickly get started creating your first project.

Note: If you are using Procreate, export your assets to a PSD file, open in Photoshop, and follow our Photoshop prep guide.

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