Backstory (BETA)

With the power of AI, create unique backstories to add individual text stories to your tokens.

With Bueno Backstory, creators can harness the power of AI to generate unique descriptions and stories about each token. These descriptions will be included in the metadata for your collectors to read.

Once Backstories are enabled, they will automatically apply to your tokens' metadata description field when you create your final generation.

To unlock Backstory, turn on Enable Backstory from your token preview. You'll be taken directly to the Backstory tab where you can start bringing your world to life!

First, choose which attributes you'd like to include in your story. The Bueno Backstory will adjust to include or exclude trait names in the descriptions.

Next, you can choose to give the prompt additional context to build a more immersive description. Add a species name, or include lore about the world where your characters live.

For even more control over your backstory, toggle on advanced settings. Set length, theme, and an initializer to help guide the generation.

You can also include instructions and a sample description to inspire the AI when it creates your stories.

Next, shuffle through generated samples, and make adjustments until the stories are just right!

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