Curated Regeneration

Fine tune your collection for optimized, curated variety.

Have just a few tokens that don't look quite right in your collection preview? With curated regeneration, users can select individual tokens to change, instead of having to refresh every token in the collection.

We've made it really easy to fine tune your collection. Just follow these steps!

First, from the preview page, toggle the Select Tokens button in the top right.

Next, select the tokens you'd like to regenerate by checking the boxes on the upper right of each token.

Then, at the bottom of the preview page, you'll now be able to regenerate the selected tokens.

From this bar, you'll also be able to view how many tokens are selected, show selected tokens in the preview only, cancel your selections or select all actively filtered tokens.

Want to refresh a batch of tokens based on particular trait combinations? Create a tag to group them and then filter the selection in preview so you can easily regenerate them.

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