Add sounds to immerse your players in your world's environment.

Global Sounds

In the Buenoverse, builders can alter global sounds, like player movement and interaction sounds. The global sounds change for every room in your world. The global sounds can be changed from World Settings.

From the global sounds menu, you can preview sounds, toggle sounds on or off, and upload new sounds.

Interaction sounds

Builders can add custom sounds to any interaction. In this example we’ll show how sounds for dialogues work!

Unlike global sounds, interaction sounds will only affect the specific object you select. Other interactions will still use the default sounds set via world settings.

Builders can change sounds by going into the interaction menu (highlighted in blue) of the object and choose Sounds.

Each interaction type has its own customizable sounds. In this case builders can change the sounds that belong to the dialogue interaction:

  • Start sound plays when the dialogue starts.

  • Submit sound plays when the player continues the conversation.

  • Type letter plays when letters appear on screen.

  • Give item plays when NPC gives the player an item.

  • Take item plays when the NPC takes an item from the player.

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