Ouch, that hurts!

You can give any object the damage ability. When done it will be able to hurt your players. Let's see how! First things first; Object Menu -> Interactions -> Abilities -> Damage

On the Damage menu you can set Minimum and Maximum damage per second and the object will inflict damage between those values. For example; if you set Minimum value 5 and Maximum value 10 the object will randomly inflict 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 damage per second.

If you turn on the Enable only when the object is thrown, the object will inflict the damage only when thrown, for more info on throwing check the collectibles. If you don't turn on this option, object will inflict damage when a user enters it's interaction zone.

By combining different abilities and options like Damage, Health and Paths you can create enemies in your world.

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