Mint Machine

Create a mint event in your world!

To implement a mint machine, you will need to already have a smart contract deployed.

To learn more about creating a smart contract with Bueno you can read about it in our Smart Contract Deployer section of the docs.

First, select the object that you would like to turn into a mint machine. Then, navigate to Interactions > Abilities > Mint Machine.

If you launched your contract with Bueno, creating a mint machine is as simple as selecting your Bueno project and contract from the drop down menus.

If the contract was deployed outside of Bueno, toggle off the Bueno Contract button. You'll need the contract address, contract method (usually "mint"), cost and max per transaction. Paste all of the required variables into the form, taking care that they match with your contract and select Save Configuration.

Once configured, players will be able to walk up to the machine and mint from the provided contract!

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