Item Gating

Item gating works the same way as token gating. The difference is that a player can get access to certain interactions by checking if a player has item X in their inventory. This feature only applies to interactions.

Token, item and XP gating are combinable! So only players with token X, item X and ‘…’ XP can do certain things. This makes gating a powerful tool for creating experiences in the Buenoverse.

Builders can item gate anywhere they see the permissions menu available. Item gating is particularly useful when creating quests and experiences in the Buenoverse.

For instance, if we want a player to only pick up item B if they already have item A in their inventory. Or, talk to NPC A, only if they have item B in their inventory.

The permissions menu has a few settings builders can change. In the case of the example below, anyone with a raygun, can use this portal interaction. To select an inventory item to check for, press the edit icon.

Only objects that are defined as a ‘collectible’ show up in the item picker menu.

Builders can also select collectibles from other rooms by changing the url in the item picker menu.

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